Halo Reach Released on Xbox One

Halo Reach has been officially released for Xbox One users on December 3. Community Director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, wrote on Xbox Wire: “Since we announced Halo: Reach and the rest of The Master Chief Collection are coming to PC, we’ve been thrilled with the community response and collaboration, and are excited that the game is now available to play in stunning 4K, over nine years after its original launch.”

Halo Reach is looking better than ever

Halo Reach is the heroic story of Noble Team, Spartans who are saviors of humanity on a strange yet mystical planet called Reach- a planet that seems just like ours and looks just like ours, but the skies tell a different story. Littered with thunderous shades of green and gray, the sky of the planet Reach is a constant reminder that you are somewhere near home yet someplace so far far away that everything seems light-years away.

The Covenant, the villains of Halo Reach, are fast encroaching and are hell-bent on their one true mission – complete and ultimate destruction of the planet Earth. What stands in their way is planet Reach and the Noble Team, who, with great sacrifices and courage, will stop the Covenant from wreaking havoc on humanity and save as many lives as possible.

The game looks better than ever with stunning 4k details and brand new features, optimizations, and upgrades. If you are itching to save the world and humanity, and fight the Covenants, you can do so on Xbox One. Jump into the action and show incredible courage for the fight of your lifetime. You do not get a second chance to save the Earth!

A stunning feat of heroism and courage

Can you selflessly sacrifice yourself to save countless other lives? Do you have what it takes to be a soldier of justice and courage and fight alongside your mates? Would you live and die for others and spend your life for the greater good? If you have what it takes, then Halo Reach is the game for you.

With full widescreen resolution and crisp new customization features, you can now defeat your enemies with power much more than ever. The game runs on 60 frames per second, making it a visual treat for players to experience tough combat in. The action is much smoother and cleaner. The upgrades have made the controls much easier to use. Shooting ranges have been made better, and shooting points have become as precise as the end of a needle.

The gameplay of Halo Reach

It is 2552, and the Covenant has discovered planet Reach. Reach is the last thing standing between the evil and treacherous Covenant and humanity on planet Earth. If Reach goes down, Earth is next to go. It is now up to the Noble Team to defend not just planet Reach but also Earth. A band of highly trained and skilled soldiers, the burden of saving millions of lives and two planets are on their shoulders now. They must protect the planets or die doing so. Their valor and heroism is the only thing that can save people now.

All modes of Halo Reach – Campaign, Multiplayer, Four-player cooperative Firefight mode – are riveting and addictive. The pulse-pounding action and lethal combat scenes make for the perfect backdrop to showcase courage and strength. There is also an additional Theater mode to blow your minds away and provide you with a brand new action experience.

With a wide variety of new modes, missions, maps, Halo Reach on Xbox brings to its players epic encounters and a powerful story that makes you want to keep playing the game and see for yourself all the hidden mysteries and secrets.

Experience the wonder of Halo Reach now on Xbox One

A classic saga of heroism and strength is now available on Xbox One from December 3. Halo Reach can be accessed on Xbox One by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). Halo Reach, the very first chapter in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is thus available to all players worldwide via Xbox One.

The next five chapters are also a part of this membership and will be available to players as and when it is released on Xbox One by 2020. An exciting journey is ready for you to unravel and unleash all your action gaming skills. Are you ready to pick up your weapons, engage your minds, and fight for humanity as you fight for yourself? If yes, then get strapped, and get the Halo Reach on Xbox One today and fight on planet Reach for all things good and just.

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