Hefty Free Update for ‘Invertical’ Released

Richard Adams, also known as Oxygen Addict, has just released a significant new update for his puzzle platformer Invertical. The update boasts a significant amount of improvements, and is generously offered for free to those who have purchased the game previously. The update focuses on improvements to the game’s controls, clarity, exploration, and wealth of content.

The first, and arguably most important update on the agenda here is full controller support for Invertical — for many a must in a platform-based game. The new update also offers a brand new first level to provide a clearer introduction to the colour inversion mechanic, some further insight into our square hero’s character, a greater exploration element with the introduction of ‘The Invert World’, and an alternate ending.

Richard has also addressed a key issue raised in the IGM review of Invertical. Back in November 2012, erstwhile writer Sam Adonis  spoke of his disappointment with the lack of reward for picking up collectibles.

“The only other complaint I can think of for Invertical is the game’s secondary objective of collecting books through the levels”, he writes. “There was not much of a reward for doing it (or punishment for not), so I never bothered. The only time I cared much was when an icon would pop up reminding me that Simon loves to read, and would appreciate if I found books for him.”

Well, to address these concerns, the new update brings bonus levels for collecting all the books and scrolls in a chapter, so there’s more of an incentive to collect them aside from just rigorous completionism.

If you already own the game on IndieCity, a free update will get you all of this. If not, there’s never been a better time to get involved than now, with the new content injecting new life into an already great game. Pick it up on IndieCity now, for just $2.49/£1.49.

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