Historically-accurate WW1 FPS, Verdun, Releasing after 10 Years

Think about all the things you did in the last decade. Maybe you went from school to university, or maybe you progressed from intern to professional, or maybe you even had a child, whom is well on their way through their own primary school. Who knows? A decade is a long time. The developers from Dutch studios, M2H and Blackmill Games, needed this decade to progress from concept art to final product, and finally release their wargame, Verdun. Actually, the game has been available on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux since September 2013, but its final version is releasing on April 28th.

Verdun is an FPS game set in World War I, and, more precisely, is inspired by the 1916 battle of Verdun. The main focus is to be the most historically accurate game possible, making authentic weaponry, historical battlefields, and real-life trenches the primary concerns of the developers. “The game has grown into a unique FPS with a lot of historical depth, something the developers have always strived for.”

Unlike other FPS’, Verdun features leveling mechanics based on the whole squad. Also, group counter-attacks and momentum-based attacks make the game unique, along with the immersive and realistic environments and sounds. Dynamic Frontline and Rifle Deathmatch are two of the game modes available to players currently, and they present a challenge even to experienced FPS players.

As of the game’s official release, the developers will make any final performance adjustments and improve some existing features, like the claustrophobic gas-mask and associated gas weapon. Also, players who supported the game during Early Access will get a special medal and access to the definitive release version one day before others, showing the developers’ gratitude.

The official release date is April 28th on Steam, at the same price point as the Early Access version, $22,99. Also, developers are planning the first Verdun tournament, which will be held on May 1st to celebrate the game’s release, with a game key for each member of the team to expand their clan with more friends. More information about this tournament is available here. For a deeper look into the trenches of Verdun, an extended preview is available in the January 2015 issue of IGM’s magazine, which you can preview and subscribe to here. For other general information on Verdun, visit their official website.

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