IGM Arcade – ‘Snake Squad’ An Arcade Classic Meets 1980s Action Movies

The Game: Snake Squad           

Developed by: YZI Games, @yzigames on Twitter

Combining elements of the classic arcade game, Snake, with another arcade classic, Asteroids, YZI Games dropped in a dash of Bruce Willis, and ended up with Snake Squad.

Snake Squad has players controlling a tough, cigar-smoking, take-no-prisoners, badass on a mission to survive. In every macho-man 80s movie, the ratio of hero to gun-toting thugs is about 1 to 300. Things are no different in Snake Squad. Players will face wave after wave of all sorts of enemies and mini bosses, all while recruiting fellow commandos, and trying to stay alive. There has to be a sequel, after all.

To play, the player simply moves the mouse in the direction they want their macho-man to run in and enemies within range will be automatically fired upon. No license to kill, required.

Periodically, through each wave, friendly commandos will spawn in and join your fight. The player simply runs their macho-man to these commandos to recruit them, and the conga line of carnage increases by one.

Of course, these fresh recruits are still a bit green, and one bullet or explosion, will send them packing in a body bag. Snake Squad makes it very difficult to hold onto more than a few commandos at once, but there are ways to improve the chances of survival for both the macho-man, and his crew.

Every enemy killed drops coins which are used to purchase upgrades for the macho-man and crew. Things like increased HP for the macho-man, increased movement speed, and decreased distance between squad members (thus making it easier to dodge incoming fire, as your crew is all clumped closer to you), are all available for upgrade…for a price.

On top of upgradeable stats, players can also elect to spend their acquired wealth on extra types of commandos. A sniper, minigunner, flamethrower, and RPG soldier are additional unlocks that cost the player a few thousands coins each.

Something I did not realize until my third attempt, was that the control scheme can be changed so that the keyboard is used to move, rather than point-dragging the mouse to move the macho-man. This control variation really made a difference for me, in game.

Try out Snake Squad, for free, on Kongregate. My highscore is 10300, can you beat it?

Join the Snake Squad discussion, in our forums! Smack-talk my high score, ya’ sissys.


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