Karen – An App that Psychologically Profiles You

Karen, by Blast Theory, is an app game that psychologically profiles you as you play. The app functions as though you’re interacting with a new friend named Karen. The live-action actor will speak to you as though the two of you are Facetiming. In the background of your conversations together, the game psychologically profiles you, affecting the outcome of where your relationship goes. As her friend crush for you intensifies, she’ll push boundaries by asking thing like “How’d you feel if I was to ask some really personal questions?” Like having an actual friend, she’ll message or call you at all times of the day. The more you interact with her, the more she’ll get to know you.

The root of Karen’s inspiration comes from Blast Theory’s interest in how government and large companies like Facebook collect information on you without your consent. As artists, they wanted to approach this concept and raise awareness, in the least harmful and most fun way possible.

The UK-based developers who now have a track record for creating social game-like experiments such as A Machine to See With and I’d Hide You, are not holding any punches back, or shying away from getting personal with you this time around.

Blast Theory is looking for £15,000 on their Kickstarter Campaign that launched earlier this month. For a pledge of £10, you get the Karen app upon its release for iOS. You can follow Blast Theory on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

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