Ludum Dare 23 Results Are In! How Did You Fare?

It’s been a couple of weeks since Ludum Dare had its 10th anniversary game jam and that can only mean that judging has now come to a close and the results are in! The goal in order to celebrate the special anniversary event was to have 1000 games produced in just 48 hours, but that got entirely blown away as 1402 games were submitted in total, all with the theme ‘Tiny Worlds’.

It was going to take a lot of people then, to play all of these games and vote on them according to the various categories, but it was done somehow. So let’s take a look at those voted the top games from Ludum Dare 23.

The overall main winner was Tyler Glaiel who is more famously part of Eyebrow Interactive who recently released Closure on PSN. The game we’re paying attention to though is his LD23 game, Fracuum, which is retro styled action adventure game if anything. The most interesting aspect is that you constantly move towards the center along the z axis as you progress. In other words, the more towards the center you travel, the smaller you and the world becomes. There are pickups as well, which will aid you on your way – retreating to get them and going through different paths is essential practice.

Here’s a list of runner ups:

Memento XII – deep night
Super Strict Farmer – Benjamin
Soul Searchin’ – Maxim Schoemaker
Lonely Hated Rock – Xion
This Precious Land – Ishisoft
Planet 161 – saint11
Astro Break – hulahulahest
Recluse – chambers
Pocket Planet – Molten Mustafa

As far as the Jam games go – that is ones the parallel, more relaxed Ludum Dare competition – the winner was Inside My Radio by Bisous and TurboDindon. A catchy platformer, Inside My Radio really feels polished and that’s impressive given the time constraints. You’ll be moving the neon radio around the environment more or less to the beat with which everything pulsates, jumping dashing and smashing your way through the many obstacles. Download it right here for Windows and give it a go.

Here’s a list of runner ups from the Jam:

Going Rogue – Frankie Smile Show
Tiny Shards – Gabriel
Greed Wars – Ignatus Zuk
Boxed in. – PIXEL^3
Stranded – Evil Cult
Rambros – Black Ships Fill the Sky
subAtomic – MurrayL
Tiny Timmy and Big Bill – 4urentertainment
Dude, where’s my planet – Zamando

To see the full lineup of games from Ludum Dare 23, go to the official website where they can all be played.

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