Mini Ludum Dare 34 Delivers Games In All Shapes And Sizes

Over the weekend, another Mini Ludum Dare was organized and held by the marvellous Sophie Houlden. Interestingly, the only rule of the 48 hour jam was that the game’s produced as part of it had to be a certain resolution.

To be precise, one of the following:

1. 18 x 64
2. 128 x 128
3. 1024 x 128
4. 4096 x 4096
5. a circle, 500px diameter
6. 8 x 8 x 8

As you can imagine, there’s some quite weird things going on; some developers just made a fairly normal game with one of the resolutions, others went a bit more wacky and adapted their game directly around the limitations. You can see all of the results from the jam right here, but we’ve got some picks for you to try out too.

The developer calls it a toy as opposed to a game, but it’s remarkably fun and satisfying. Just move the cursor around to absorb the red infection. You can play Infection in your browser.

A mini golf game in which you use the mouse to line up your strike around the words Ludum Dare. Surprisingly fun. You can play in your browser here.

This is a simple sidescrolling game which requires you to jump on rocks and crush them to get points, while avoiding the enemies. Simply get the highest score possible. You can download the game by clicking on this link.

This is brilliant. It might just be a simple shooter but it’s remarkably well done and very fun. Press X to shoot and Z to jump, that’s it – just shoot all of the ghouls that come your way. Play Groundskeeper in your browser.

You have to sneak in past the security system but every time you move, it moves. There’s a pattern though, so with some careful observation you should eventually get your way to the end. Entertaining. Mini Footprint Thief can be played by following this link.

We’re loving this! Any chance to mash our keyboards is good for us. The task is to keep your health bar up as you make your way to the damsel in distress. It’s constantly draining though and the only way to keep it up (stop it) is to mash your keyboard. It gets harder as you go on too. You can play the game right here.

Remember to check out the rest of the entries to Mini Ludum Dare 34 over on the official page.

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