Mmmm…: ‘Minion Master’ May Alpha Update Released

One of my many quirks is that I find the word “minion” to be about as orally satisfying an utterance as there ever could be. I’m also a sucker for a slice of alliteration too, so suffice it to say that I’d now be grateful for the number of the nearest underwear retailer. Thanks, Minion Master.

But onto the game itself. Minion Master is a board game in digital form, which, according to developers BitFlip Games, combines the spontaneity and instant gratification of a collectible card game with the long-term strategic edge of miniature wargaming. Adapted from a real-life board game, it’s more or less a sophisticated tabletop RPG that functions as a video game, one that’s picked up a fairly respectable cult following during its ongoing Alpha stage.

This month has marked the release of a brand new update for Minion Master, in which in-game figurine movement, range bonuses and terrain traversal has been drastically altered. Perhaps most notable is the addition of a teleportation system, which allows players to warp across the landscape at the risk of forfeiting a turn.

The game is currently up for pre-order at a reduced price of $15. To capitalise on the offer or to find out more about Minion Masters, take a look at its official site.

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