Okhlos: My Big Fat Greek Angry Mob

ANCIENT GREECE-A disgruntled group of citizens have swamped the streets, threatening to destroy all who stand in their way. Reports suggest that the group is brazenly recruiting new members, not limited to but including peasants, philosophers, and legendary heroes. They go by the name ‘Okhlos,‘ and they are armed and dangerous.

In Okhlos, an upcoming rogue-like action title, players control an irate mob that has set out to overthrow the Gods of Olympus, and destroy everything and everyone in their path- with methods that go beyond a Zorba dance-off. Inspired by games like Pikmin and Katamari DamacyOkhlos thrives on beat-em-up style gameplay and fully interactive 3D environments. Developer Coffee Powered Machine recently constructed 3D dioramas that assist with conveying the game’s visual style, which features 16-bit pixel art characters.

Okhlos has been in development since 2012 and is the second project from Coffee Powered Machine, a Buenos Aires based team. The game, which is currently looking to get Greenlit on Steam, serves players a combination of fast-paced combat and procedurally generated worlds, each one containing a different scenario that is based on Greek mythology. Mobs can be tailored to include different types of units and heroes with special modifiers, who must unite forces against a plethora of mythological creatures before the ultimate battle with the Gods. Okhlos is expected for release in the near future on PC, Mac and Linux. Those who are interested can pre-order the game from the official Okhlos website for $9.99 USD, 33% off the game’s usual price. You can stay up to date with the latest news from Coffee Powered Machine through Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think about Okhlos? Will crowd psychology be enough to overthrow the Gods themselves? Let us know in the comments section!

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