Spreading Out: ‘Bit.Trip Runner’ Now Available On Ubuntu Software Center

The rolling gravy train on the journey to greater indie gaming coverage on Linux has been given a solid push in the right direction with the news that Gaijin Games’ delightful reflex-taxer Bit.Trip.Runner is now available for purchase over on the Ubuntu Software Center.

As far as we’re aware, the Linux version of the game is a near-perfect replica of the Bit.Trip Runner experience many gamers have been enjoying on both PC and Mac since its home computer release, having originated on Nintendo’s WiiWare service. Furthermore, owners of the fourth Humble Bundle package, of which Bit.Trip Runner was part, should now be able to run the game through Linux without having to make a second purchase. Take that, buyer’s remorse!

Bit.Trip Runner is considered by many to be a bizarre entry into the independent gaming market, combining fast-paced platforming with a batch of agilely-demanding acts of daring dynamism, including sliding and kicking, all in the name of avoiding hurtling objects, deadly traps and vicious enemies. A game of evasion glossed up with a touch of style? Maybe. Maddeningly frustrating? Yes, sir.

Bit.Trip Runner can be purchased for $9.99 on the Ubuntu Software Center. For more information on the game, along with its spiritual predecessors in the Bit.Trip series, take a look at its official site.


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