‘Swords & Soldiers’ Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC Announced

Having just realeased Awesomenauts, Ronimo Games have gone back to Swords & Soldiers to release a new single player campaign in the form of DLC. They call it the Super Saucy Sausage Fest. We think this is great.

Before we go any further, you have to see the image that greeted us when we opened up the mail about this DLC pack. It took us by complete surprise and had us laughing quite hard. Just look at it!

Well anyway, if you’re ready to head on back to the 2D battlefields of Swords & Soldiers next week, you’ll be glad to hear that there will be some new content awaiting you. The Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC will contain a whole new campaign and an upgraded Challenge Mode in Boulder XL.

The campaign will follow Chief Meat and his troops on their journey to the annual Super Saucy Sausage Fest with a grand prize of 1000 cows. Consisting of 10 new levels in total, this DLC campaign will have you meeting new friends, old enemies and is sprinkled with unique sets of units and spells to provide a challenge to players all over again.

The Super Saucy Sausage Fest (getting hungry now) DLC will be available from next week on Steam. We’re currently awaiting confirmation for the pricing due to a typo in the press release, but it seems that it might be $2. We’ll update as soon as we know though.

More information on Swords & Soldiers can be found on the game’s official website.

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