‘Teleglitch’ Review – Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Teleglitch is many things. It’s grind your teeth to the gum difficult, it’s a game you will have to be prised away from by a computer failure or the like, and it’s even able to captivate the roguelike genre perfectly. But it’s not easy on the eye.

Teleglitch is a roguelike adventure shooter from a small indie development team in Estonia. It’s the team’s first creation completed on a shoe string budget, so it can be difficult to criticise the short comings considering how good the overall game actually is.

The story is a rather interesting one as it takes place on the edge of colonised space in a dystopian galaxy. A galaxy ran by large military organisations, one such organisation Militech has currently been experimenting with necrotic tissue reactivation – or for anyone who does not have a degree in biology, zombies.

Yes, yes the old “Z”-card is played once more, however in Teleglitch although the enemy’s largely consist of zombies they could easily be any alien creature. This is simply because these zombies are anything but traditional. It seems the scientists in this facility had a great deal of inspiration from things such as Human Centipede in combining extra arms and legs to many of the experiments. Throughout your time in the game you encounter all manner of freaky zombies. Some with spiderlike leg arrangement and others that simply try to imitate Donkey Kong in their barrel throwing ability, Teleglitch’s bad guys are far from traditional.

Anyway, back to the story. Something goes wrong – as they commonly do when working with subjects like this – and the AI turns against the scientists. This means you are now in this huge facility in the middle of nowhere whilst zombies, random experiments, a malevolent machine, and scientists are all out to get you – Remember the times when you are told there is always someone worse off than you out there, well, I don’t think that applies here. It all combines together making a brutally difficult game that will have you pulling your hair out in clumps as you struggle to even complete the first stage.

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