‘The Great Giana Sisters’ Are Back In Action

Kickstarter is certainly turning into the place for older games to make a comeback to the modern world. So far we have seen the return of Shadowrun, Carmageddon, X-Com and now The Great Giana Sisters are making their way back into the hands of gamers. The team behind the sisters is the German developer Black Forest Games who hope to ship in October if they can reach their backing goal of $150,000.  As an added bit of incentive to convince backers to put forward a little love for the old title, a free demo of the game will be released on their Kickstarter page on Friday, August 24th, showing off two of the title’s playable levels. I’m going to stop talking now and just let you take a look at the absolutely gorgeous game this is looking to be in their Kickstarter video.

As you can see, The Great Giana Sisters is already a stunningly beautiful game. Both of the dream worlds have their own unique charm to them that promises a visually pleasing experience. The platforming looks solid, with Black Forest taking advantage of the transforming sisters’ abilities to make some interesting challenges for players to overcome. The dual soundtracks is also a nice twist to make the dream and nightmare worlds feel different from each other, the fact that Chris Hülsbeck and the metal band Machinae Supremacy are the ones doing the music only sweetens the deal.

At this point in time Black Forest Games has over 2,665 fans backing the project, leaving the total amount at $73,271 as I write this. You can get a full copy of the game for only $10 if it is completed within the next two weeks of its backer period. To get another look at The Great Giana Sisters in action, Black Forest Games has provided a video showing off one of their first levels of the game in its entirety.


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