This ‘Heaven Variant’ Gameplay Is Very Exciting

There are some games that come along out of the blue and just pump you up with excitement, this gameplay preview of Heaven Variant does exactly that – this “cinematic” shooter from Zanrai is looking very impressive.

Apparently inspired by the PSOne shooter Einhander, which to be fair is quite obvious upon comparison, Heaven Variant takes the sidescrolling shooter and makes it very 3D – at times even flipping the camera around for an extra dose of awe-inspiring wonderment. Okay, now it sounds like I am pepped up on too much adrenaline, but the game does seriously look very impressive. You can feel the power it grants the player just from watching it.

The city environments are very appealing to the eye, it must be said. Perhaps the game’s most defining characteristic (apart from the active camera) is that the secondary weapons can fire in any direction which makes the gameplay a little more dynamic than the other shoot-forward titles in the genre.

There is a tonne of information on Heaven Variant if you want it on the game’s official website.

Via IndieGames

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