‘Voxeliens’ Testers Requested By Developer

The public release of Voxeliens, as detailed here, is drawing ever closer. That’s not to say, however, that the boys at Volumes of Fun aren’t looking for a little bit of outside help, and that could be where you fit in.

The game’s lead developer, David Williams, has offered potential customers the opportunity to test Voxeliens before its full release in an attempt to fully gauge the game’s compatibility with as great a variety of systems as possible. He’s also looking for an opinion or two on the game itself, but has also hastened to add that only minor gameplay tweaks may be made at this stage of development.

The testing phase is currently estimated to last around two weeks, with participants encouraged to carry out multiple 10-15 playthroughs of the Beta version of the game. An additional Beta version may also be released before the game is made universally available, but Williams assures interested parties that the latest version made available to testers will be the release candidate, effectively making the game free for participants.

For more information on how to get involved, take a look at Williams’ post over at Volumes of Fun’s official website.

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