Warframe: The Jovian Concord Launches for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Warframe is the gift that keeps on giving. The popular free-to-play title developed by Digital Extremes is receiving a major new update on consoles. Known as The Jovian Concord, the update is a full overhaul of the Jupiter sector meant to bring the zone up to modern standards. Among other things, the update introduces reworked environments, new enemies, a new game mode, and even an epic new boss.

Similar to previous updates, The Jovian Concord was first made available for PC before being ported over to consoles. This was done to ensure that everything was bug-free and running as smoothly as possible. Which it does. Smooth gameplay is particularly important in the case of his update. The Jovian Concord heavily encourages Warframe players to put their parkour skills to the test by stylishly traversing all the new environments introduced by the update.

Video Source: YouTube/PlayWarframe

Alad V is Making a Huge Comeback

Alad V, a longtime villain of Warframe, plays a very important part in this update. The mad scientist’s experiments on Jupiter resulted in the creation of new cyborg-like creatures, each more hideous than the last. Naturally, players will need to face off against these new threats while also tackling an even bigger one.

The Jovian Concord also introduces a brand new flying boss called the Ropaloyst. If the PC version is any indication, console players will have a difficult time trying to defeat this one. Make sure to bring some friends along.

Another very exciting addition of the update is the brand new Warframe known as the Wisp. This is the 40th Warframe added to the game since launch and plays a bit differently than most of the other ones. The Wisp is able to glide around the battlefield and provide support to fellow players. In addition, she also has a number of DPS abilities and a passive that turns her invisible.

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Even More Warframe Content Just Around the Corner

If you think this last update is exciting, you haven’t seen anything yet. Digital Extremes community director Rebeca Ford took the stage at E3 2019 to talk a bit about a new Warframe expansion scheduled to launch in the near future. The developer calls this new expansion ‘Empyrean.'

Empyrean adds space flight in several new areas and will give players the ability to fight against enemy capital ships. But don't worry because you won't be alone. You can band together alongside two other players in order to battle these threats. Just like players, enemies will also have the ability to fly through space. You can expect some pretty hectic space battles in the upcoming expansion.

Digital Extremes didn’t reveal too many additional details regarding the expansion at the event. However, Ford did mention that we can expect a full reveal next month at Tennocon 2019.

The Jovian Concord is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the announcement trailer below if you missed it during E3 2019. Warframe is available for free so make sure to check it out if you haven't already.

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