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Online Advertising

We’ve partnered with iSocket to make it easy to buy ads on Indie Game Mag and

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Once your ads go live, you can manage your campaign and view online reporting directly.

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IGM Website Demographics

  • 125k+ Unique Visitors per Month
  • 350k+ Page Views
  • 79% Male
  • 64% are 18-49
  • 56% make 60K+ a year

Advertise in the Magazine (Print & Digital)

IGM is the only digital and print magazine dedicated to independent games.  Every one of our issues is not only printed and sent to all of our subscribers, but is also available in digital format as well.  Our magazine has it’s own iPhone/iPad App and is available on the – the #1 Online Magazine Marketplace.  Your advertisement will be featured in every version of the magazine; digital ads can even have live link text and send visitors directly to your website.  Here’s just a few benefits of advertising in IGM:

  • Reach a highly targeted market of gamers.
  • Ad exists in print and digital formats.
  • Ad never expires – every time someone picks up that issue; your ad will be in it.
  • Digital Version of your ad can support video, website links, and more.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement in an upcoming issue of the Indie Game Magazine, please use the contact form below:

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