Artsy Retro Platformer ‘Pid’ Is Announced


Might and Delight have just lit up the internet with a fabulous trailer for their just announced debut game, the oddly named Pid.

Might and Delight say that Pid will turn everything we know about 2D gameplay upside down, we are tempted to take that literally. The trailer showcases a gorgeous art style and lots of varied and exciting gameplay ranging from toying with missiles to firing what seems to be a gravity inverting force. The latter is the game’s core mechanic, allowing players to “maneuver around the levels in thousands of unique ways”.

The game is also co-op, (I can hear the cries of joy from here) so if you enjoyed the rough and tumble ride with a friend in Rayman Origins or Portal 2 this year, Pid looks like to be a similar experience. As to what platforms Pid will be available on, all that the developers have said, are they are ‘digital’ ones, and you can expect it to arrive in 2012.

The developers describe the Pid‘s intriguing little plot as the following:

“You play as a young boy that gets stranded on an old remote planet. He must fight off a variety of malicious robots bent on stopping him and befriend unlikely allies to shed light on a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.”

More information of Might and Delight can be found at their tidy website, and more information on Pid is available at its own little website.

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