‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Is The Most Hyper-Hardcore Platformer You Will See

Cloudberry Kingdom
Cloudberry Kingdom

We’re connoisseurs of hardcore platformers but even we were shocked by how insane Cloudberry Kingdom looks on its hardest difficulty, luckily it looks like a huge amount of fun too!

There’s something very appealing about Pwnee Studios – they seem like a right laugh and have a lot of energy. We’d happily have their babies. Fortunately that personality transcends into their work as well as can be seen in their words-can’t-describe platformer.

Cloudberry Kingdom scales to your level, so if you’re finding it too hard and are dying a lot then the game gets easier and vice versa. It really does get nuts though. Apart from the hyperactive screen-filling difficulty, Cloudberry Kingdom also supports up to 4 players and has multiple modes to fling yourselves around in, quite literally in the co-op bungee mode.

The developers are striving to get the game on to Xbox Live Arcade rather than the XBLIG spot (who can blame them) and would love it for people to spread the word and help them out. This is an order from your captain – let’s get Cloudberry Kingdom on Xbox Live Arcade!

More information on Cloudberry Kingdom can be found on the developer’s official website along with many other crazy and funny things.

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