Exclusive Developer Updates From ‘Towns’ Show Huge Upcoming Features


SuperMalParit (SMP), the guys behind Towns, gave us some exclusive updates that will be coming shortly to the game – ones that will up the ante and then some!

Towns is currently in its alpha stage but is already impressing many of those who have played it. Mainly, Towns is a city building game but incorporates many elements from dungeon crawlers and RPG’s. Think of it as a combination of Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and Diablo.

After naming Towns one of the most promising indie games in their alpha stage, the developers contacted us and wanted to slip us some materials they didn’t plan on releasing for a while, but here we are giving them to you, right now!

The updates come in the form of some behind-the-scene images, which reveal that many expansions are on the the way for Towns. So let’s got through them one at a time.

Below you will see the first in-game shot of the new “cooking” feature. If any of you have been playing Skyrim (pfft, of course you have) then you will be familiar with this mechanic. As you can see our little test subject has a whole load of meat to throw on the fire pit and cook up. This will be an essential process as, of course, most food are inedible until cooked. This development in cooking practice will also ensure that your population have an “intermediate” food cooker before getting the bakery or kitchen.

Towns Cooking

Next up we have a whole range of exciting NPCs- including camels, badgers, zombies, vampires, hell hounds, yetis and just so much more. This is our favorite part of the updates for sure, the character designs are just so wonderful and imaginative!

Towns NPCs

Up until now you may have been thinking that the terrains in Towns could be more diverse, well let us answer that with the next image showcasing plenty of new ground terrains. There’s additional materials to mind from the ground, units of water, what seems to be lava and a whole load of new textures. You’ll notice that these terrains are a lot less square too, with rounded edges for components of the land and allowing for more playful and interesting rivers.

Towns Terrain

Bat and BrownieTo the normal viewer this next picture will look fairly mundane. A bunch of pigs and cows in a field…whoopee. Well, this is actually the first look-in of probably the game’s biggest upcoming feature. Until now, Towns has been very flat; no depth was given to anything. As you can see, these animals have adopted a more 3D look via a 2.5D perspective. The terrain is also at different heights for the first time in the game as well – the sketch below the screenshot illustrates the new gameplay mechanics this introduces. For instance, shooting flying creatures know as Brownies mounted on bats from the sky (to left) with a bow and arrow, climbing blocks also allows your citizens certain advantages.

Towns 2.5D Pigs And Cows Towns High Units

So as you can see, Towns has plenty of updates on the way which are going to change the game dramatically for the better. Towns will feel more 3D, there will be plenty more reason to go down into the dungeons with your heroes and find resources – on the way they will meet a very ranged crew of monsters to fight too.

You can pre-order Towns right now over on the game’s official website where you can find out much more information on the game too. You can start playing right away! Make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and like Towns on Facebook to keep up with the updates as they are released.

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