Freak Out: ‘Lone Survivor’ Has A Launch Trailer

Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor

In anticipation of the big launch of Lone Survivor tomorrow, Jasper Byrne has unleashed a rather thrilling launch trailer!

One of the biggest indie games this year is certainly Superflat Games‘ sidescrolling survival horror, Lone Survivor. We’re pretty sure that everyone is pumped up for this one and if you’re not then we’re going to make sure you are…somehow. So Lone Survivor will be launching tomorrow, that is March 27th 2012 for the record, for Windows and Mac and it’s going to rock your world or something. It makes sense that the launch trailer has been release then, no?

If you don’t know, Lone Survivor has you playing the shoes (actually he doesn’t wear shoes) of an unnamed character who is trying to survive an apolcalptic scenario which sees the world ravaged by terrifying monsters. You’ll need to navigate your way out the danger you find yourself in, at the same time worrying about the grumbles in your belly and the need for sleep that pains your head.

Lone Survivor is coming out tomorrow – not sure if we told you that yet – so our review will also be up tomorrow for you all to read. For now, here is that launch trailer.

You can find out more information on Lone Survivor over on the official website.

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