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I know what you’re thinking. What does a bunch of koalas have to do with an indie development studio and an upcoming beta program? No, the answer isn’t that they’ve evolved into powerful beings with superior coding intellect … though that would be kinda cool.

Crunching Koalas are an upcoming indie team out of Poland who are looking for help from gamers worldwide to get involved with their new beta program. The aim is to provide alpha versions of their in-development titles to allow those who sign up to provide much needed feedback to the team.

The program is free for all involved, with the promise of rewards to those who are committed to the cause. At the very least you’ll be providing a very helpful service to a team dedicated to creating some fun and creative titles that everyone can play, plus you’ll get your name in the credits once the full title is released.

There’s 365 members signed up so far, a solid number of applicants for the program that will kick into gear this month. As a special event, the team will reveal their first game to the world once the total number reaches 500. You can see a preview of the logo below, hinting at cogs and wheels clanking while mice are at play.

A steampunk inspired puzzle game? Maybe a three blind mice cameo appearance? The truth will be revealed very soon.

As for that name, Crunching Koalas came about via the worldwide love of the Australian animal combined with the crunch of working over time to deliver the best game possible. The team also mention that koalas live most of their lives in the tree tops away from the world below, a clever metaphor for creating imaginary settings within fantasy worlds.

You can get involved in Crunching Koalas‘ beta program via the official website here, where you can also keep up to date on their upcoming titles. On another note, I’m glad they didn’t call themselves Crunching Drop Bears. That would have ended badly for all involved.

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