Gnome Sweet Gnome: ‘Gnomoria’ Demo Released, Alpha Build Upon Pre-Order


There’s no shortage of village/town management games but there’s no harm in adding another to the roster, especially one with pleasantries we can’t help but grin at. Forget all about dwarves, Gnomoria puts a small group of gnomes in your hands – a breakaway group who are fed up of being mocked. So, like the genre demands, they’ve wondered off into the wilderness and decided to set up camp, well, where ever you bloody well feel like.

Procedural generation waves a friendly hello to replayability in Gnomoria, as you might come to expect nowadays. There’s not that much ‘new’ to talk about regarding Gnomoria, but it does seem to take a more accessible approach to the genre. A simple interface is of the utmost importance and that is an apt description of the one being shown in the alpha gameplay. Clicking, drag and drop and drawing boxes all around. Simple menus further complement this.

Obviously you’ll start off with gathering resources; felling trees, digging up dirt and stone and then stockpiling it if you’re sensible. Then it’s on to building castles, underground bunkers, and any other structure in between. Given this is an alpha build, there’s much to be added to the game yet, but on display is a very playable game with a fantastic soundtrack, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to loop.

Gnomoria is available in two forms at the moment. First up, you can download the demo for Windows at no cost. If you like it and want more, then you can pre-order the game with a 20% discount during alpha at $7.99 and get instant access to all the latest builds as they are released. More information is scattered around the official website, so send your gnomes off to retrieve it.

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  1. js

    Great Looking Game. From what i’ve seen and heard of it. I say I will have a blast playing this one.

  2. Leskat

    First off, it’s not lameass. It hasn’t been in development for 2 Years and it’s already progressed really far. It is very very similar to DF, but that doesn’t make it any worse. So is Minecraft and Towns, and those are both great games. As for charging for alpha, first off it’s at a discount price and secondly just because the maker of DF didn’t want to charge anything for the game, doesn’t mean all forthcoming products of that genre have to be free.

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