Go Bananas: ‘Adventure Apes And The Mayan Mystery’ Demo

Adventure Apes And The Mayan Mystery
Adventure Apes And The Mayan Mystery

What may prove to be the final beta demo for the monkey filled metroidvania, Adventure Apes And The Mayan Mystery, has been released and it’s pretty darn good.

What’s not to love about monkeys in a metroidvania? Nothing, that’s what. The latest demo of Adventure Apes has been released and after having spent a number of minutes with it, we’re left very impressed and much happier about the day. You play as Mitch in his first Adventure Apes outing as he tries to stop the evil Horatio Hawk from stealing precious artifacts.

Obviously, being labelled a metroidvania, this is a sidescrolling affair which has you able to travel anywhere you want but restricted to certain areas until you find the right weapon. In our short time with the demo, we came across a ray gun which zapped some blocks out of our way and a sawgun which cut down vines. Later in the game you’ll come across bombs you can lay down and other weapons too of course. More apes will appear too as they help you out and give you things to do, in the usual NPC way. Let’s not forget the boss battles either – one of them being a giant spider as you can see in the shot at the top.

Apart from a slightly unresponsive jump at times, Adventure Apes is great fun and there is obviously plenty of things to explore and learn as you make your way around the Mayan temples on your knuckles. We’ve no idea when the full release of the game will fruition, but this will certainly suffice for now.

You can download the Beta V5 demo of Adventure Apes by clicking on this link. Enjoy!

More information on The Adventure Apes can be found over on the official website.

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