IGM Limelight – Escape the Void in ‘Nihilumbra’


Hello readers and welcome back IGM Limelight. Hope you all had a great weekend! Now it’s time to go back to the hunt. Each day on IGM Limelight I highlight some Steam Greenlight games that deserve your upvotes. So let’s get to it!


Beautifun Games’ Nihilumbra is our game of the day.  In Nihilumbra you are Born, a dark figure made of nothingness. With his nothingness, Born is able to control five different colors to change the world around him. This translates to gameplay as the player uses a brush to paint different properties on the world. In the trailer we see the player painting a wall brown for Born to stick to it.

IGM Mobile did a review of Nihilumbra back in July, and after reading it I’m even more excited. Don’t worry though, this isn’t another dime-a-dozen iOS port. Beautifun has added new textures, a remastered soundtrack, and even minigames.

Nihilumbra is a good choice for Limelight because of the interesting twist in the game’s platforming elements. I like platformers a lot, especially when they each have their own twist on the genre. As always, vote if it sounds interesting on Nihilumbra’s Greenlight page. You can follow the developers on Twitter, or on check out Beautifun’s development blog.

So developers! You want to see your Greenlight game on IGM Limelight? You can post a thread in the IGM forums. We have a subforum all set up for developers to tell us about their games!

And readers, I’ve been giving you my thoughts on Steam Greenlight for a while now. Problem is, I haven’t heard your picks! Tell me in the forums about your favorite Greenlight titles waiting to be approved. I look forward to talking to you all!

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