Introducing The Poacher In ‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’

Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Big Robot have slapped up our rather appetizing blog post in which they detail a few elements of how development on Sir, You Are Being Hunted is going, but mostly they introduce one of the gentleman characters, The Poacher.

If you recall in our first post about Big Robot’s unveiling of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, we saw a rather slim gentleman – these are The Hunters. In the latest blog post they outline a more stout robot in the game they call The Poacher.

While Hunters are more likely to run around after the player doing lots of moving and activity in general, Poachers will ambush players and use stealth when attempting to take them down. The Poachers use fitting weapons for their hunting style – traps and dynamite which the player may be able to use to their own advantage if they are cunning enough.

These different types of robots all belong to their own factions so upon meeting they will fight each other in good old DOOM fashion. This will probably open up an opportunity for the player to make some ground on their pursuers or to take them both down perhaps. Big Robot slightly expanded on the nature of the world in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. That is that it will be procedurally generated, even down to textures in order to create a different experience upon every marvellous hunt.

Lastly, it’s Tweedpunk and not Steampunk, okay?!

You can find out more information on Sir, You Are Being Hunted over on the game’s official website.

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