Is This The Most Gorgeous Shmup Of Them All? ‘Humans Must Answer’

Humans Must Answer
Humans Must Answer

Sumom Games are making a rather gorgeous looking shmup called Humans Must Answer, we’re hoping that its beauty isn’t skin deep though – this trailer certainly helps to alleviate that a little.

There are so many shmups around nowadays that we’re pretty sure we heard them in a nursery rhyme the other day – “and on that farm he had a shmup, Ee i ee i oh”…
Humans Must Answer is definitely standing out from the the other animals in the farm though. The graphics are rather gorgeous, there’s puzzle elements, lots of upgrades, you can combine weapons and, of course, there are epic boss battles.

It’s all packaged very nicely and in recognisable form though, after all it’s still a 2D shmup with bullets to dodge and disperse yourself. The three man team behind this wonderful creation are based in Ukraine and boast working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Xenus II: White Gold. We’re much more interested in Humans Must Answer though, as will you be after this trailer we suspect.

You can find more information on Humans Must Answer over on the official website.

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