Last Class Heroes Returns


You may remember a game called Last Class Heroes, developed by Leonardo Molar as a solo project, that was released on the Apple App Store at the beginning of the year, which received critical acclaim. Though after only three days on the App store it was removed by Leonardo who was extremely unhappy with the quality of the game he created.

Now several months later a new version of Last Class Heroes has been announced, this time with a whole creative team behind Leonardo. and they are seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Described as a 2D action adventure role playing game, Last Class Heroes follows the story of Sebastian and Maya in Vermilion Academy where the student body is rigidly divided and school superiority is decided through duels.

During the game you will unravel a mysterious plot with Sebastian or help Maya on a noble mission, either way you will experience the game from two different perspectives and play styles. The game will contain a number of duels to engage in, dozens of skills and weapons to utilize, dozens of unique locations to explore and much more.

The game is being developed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. With versions for OSX, Android and Windows shortly after. (In that order)

For more information regarding Last Class Heroes be sure to check out the development and Kickstarter pages.


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