New Lands Of Dream Game Announced: ‘The Sea Will Claim Everything’

The Sea Will Claim Everything
The Sea Will Claim Everything

Jonas Kyratzes has announced a new game of his that will once again be set in the Lands of Dream – The Sea Will Claim Everything will be a commercial but affordable release too!

One of our favorite developers, Jonas Kyratzes contacted us to let us know that he will be releasing yet another game soon! He does spoil us. You’ll be glad to hear that this next game will take place once again in the Land of Dreams – that wondrous place that has caused us to feels so many emotions. The Sea Will Claim Everything will be an adventure game of sorts, but as Jonas rightly points out, the most important thing will not be worry about categorizing the game so much as just soaking it in.

When entering the Land of Dreams upon this excursion, you will travel around the Fortunate Isles, where there are a number of problems that you should hopefully be able to resolve. You’ll initially meet the Mysterious-Druid family in Underhome. The location of the meet is facing foreclosure as a ruler from the mainland, Lord Urizen, is throwing his weight around in an attempt to force his policies on the Isles.

As you can gather from that, The Sea Will Claim Everything clearly has some political message in there somewhere which Kyratzes undoubtedly wants to get across. On the other side of that heavier content though, is a charming and delightful world and a story told through walls of text apparently! Not like that will matter as Kyratzes is as much a poet as he is a game developer.

The Sea Will Claim Everything

The Sea Will Claim Everything will be a commercial release – a first for the Lands of Dream games – but it will be affordable and let’s be fair, you should be throwing you money at Kyratzes by now.

All of this information was nabbed from The Sea Will Claim Everything‘s press release which you can find right here and should read for a much better idea of the game. While you’re there, check out Kyratzes’ other games if you haven’t already!

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