Nicalis Cancels ‘La-Mulana’ EU/US WiiWare Release, PC Version On The Way


After several delays and months of silence regarding the European and North American release of platformer La-Mulana for WiiWare, Nicalis have come out and said that they have cancelled it entirely.

An upsetting day for many, especially after such hopes have been built, delays have been met and worries arisen; Nicalis announced the cancellation of the EU/US release of Nigoro’s action platformer with this tweet:

“Regarding La-Mulana, we have chosen to cancel publishing in North America and Europe for WiiWare.”

We and other publications have been bugging the publisher and developer recently for answers and now they come out with this. The reason for this retraction is that Nicalis seems to think they have been waiting on the developers for too long. Whatever the case, no one can change the facts – La-Mulana will not be released to the western side of the world through WiiWare.

UPDATE: Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis made a statement to GoNintendo in which he pointed to the decline of the WiiWare market since the initial contract and the development issues regarding the DLC for the game.

There is good news though! Someone asked Nicalis after the cancellation announcement whether there would still at least be a PC release to which they responded:

“Yes, and you can support @nigoro by purchasing the PC version.”

Obviously we have no idea of the timeframe on this or whether this will involve Nicalis, or any other details for that matter – at least there is some hope for the game though. We’ll be asking some more questions but until then, that’s all we have for you on this at the moment.

More information on La-Mulana can be found on the game’s official website.

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    I hope that the WiiWare (Jap) version [wad file] of La Mulana will be fan translated as soon as possible !

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