Now Even Bigger: ‘Really Big Sky’ Coming To PS3 And PS Vita


Really Big Sky developers Boss Baddie have announced a strategic partnership with Ripstone Publishing that will facilitate the release of the latest iteration in the Big Sky franchises on home consoles and handheld gaming devices.

Entitled Big Sky: Infinity, Boss Baddie’s latest game is scheduled for release on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita consoles at some point during 2012. The console version will take the fast-paced, unashamedly challenging twin-stick shooter gameplay that characterised Really Big Sky, but a straight, copy-and-paste port job this isn’t. Both the Playstation 3 and Vita editions will be packed in with brand new levels and game modes to expand the already substantial Really Big Sky vanilla experience, whilst the Vita iteration will sport some of the slick touch-screen control mechanics afforded to it by Sony’s latest handheld behemoth.



“We’re excited about the opportunities now available for the game so we can take it to the next level,” stated Boss Baddie Lead Designer James Whitehead. “It’s great to get input and support from industry veterans and the support Ripstone have provided has been invaluable.”

But when boiled down to its core, it’s fair to assume that the addictive, high-score driven panache of the original PC version of the game will remain alive in all its compulsive, oft-infuriating glory. And that’s not just my take. Just last month, we reviewed Really Big Sky to an ample degree of enthusiasm, with Arsen Nazaryan dishing out particular praise to the game’s impressive range of content and punchy, emphatic soundtrack.

More information on Really Big Sky is available on its official website, where a free demo version of the game can be downloaded.

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