‘One And One Story’ Dev “Shocked” To Find Unofficial iOS Version

One And One Story HD
One And One Story HD

The IGF Award nominated One And One Story has been published on the App Store, but not by the developer who was outraged to find the the game ported to the platform by thieves.

Mattia Traverso’s One And One Story was nominated for the IGF Student Showcase this year for its touching tale of love set within a puzzle platformer. It’s currently available for free on the top Flash game sites, but Mattia also has an iOS version in the works.

You can imagine his surprise when stumbling across One And One Story HD on the App Store – his game – but not his version and published by some unknown company. Not just that, but they’re charging $0.99 for the download and making money from it; as they say, this is daylight robbery. The company is known only as Afoli and as you can see on their website, it’s likely that it exists only for the purposes of thievery. This isn’t even a clone, this is the actual game itself with some tweaks for the iOS platform and published without Mattia’s knowledge.

We couldn’t believe it had happened ourselves and asked Mattia if this was actually an unauthorised port, to which he replied:

“It’s real, it’s a fucking clone :( I’m shocked :(”

He later amended his naming of the iOS version as a “clone”:

“Actually CLONE is the wrong term. They just took my game and PUT IT ON THE APPSTORE”

Mattia is making efforts to contact Apple but is getting no luck at the moment, which means that the unauthorized port will remain on the App Store until then. We suggest that you DO NOT buy this iOS version because you’ll be giving the money to the wrong source and supporting thieves.

It’s pretty outrageous that these kinds of things keep happening on the App Store – the fact that it has been published means that Apple have inspected and approved of it. Perhaps they need to step up their game to ensure we don’t see these kinds of things happening again and again, especially to indie game developers.

More information on One And One Story can be found on the developer’s official website.

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  1. GTHaxor

    Don’t agree with you when you say that Apple is responsible for weeding out these clones. However, they do need to remove it if the rightful owner claims ownership

  2. The Indie Game Magazine

    For a start, it’s not exactly a clone. Secondly, it’s not like they don’t have the money to pay someone to be a little more thorough with their approving process. Obviously things slip by but this is not acceptable.

    Anyway, the important thing, like you say, is that it is gone!

  3. M0og0o

     They need to be responsible for QUICK removal of clones.  Not being able to contact them to remove it is absurd.

  4. Richard

    All I have to say is “Welcome to the Game of making games in the mobile era” he should have copyrighted and at least secured his assets. Doing free games on Flash that are popular is like handing this stuff out for free.

  5. Michael Boxleiter

    Uhh, his game is copyrighted, he made it and released it, therefore it is protected by copyright.  It doesn’t matter that it’s a flash game, this is still illegal and Apple has a responsibility to take this down.

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