One Week Left To Fund ‘Maia’ Combining Great Sci-Fi With 90s Gameplay

Maia – This is so 70s
Maia - This is so 70s

With just one week left to go can Simon Roth realise his dream on Kickstarter with Maia, or will the venture be unjustly cut short. The ball is now very much in your court.

Launched on Kickstarter at the end of October so far Maia has just passed the halfway point of its £100 042 plea. With the help from the community Simon Roth can take this game and develop it to realise a summer launch next year. Check out the Kickstarter video below:

Maia is a god sim which draws a great deal of influence from the Bullfrog games of the 90s – some of the best games ever – and more recent titles like Dwarf Fortress. If you are already imagining just how great this game would be, hold on just one more minute.

The setting is going to be modelled on 1970s Sci-Fi so expect influences from some of the greats of the era such as Philip K Dick and Isaac Asimov to name just a few. Now you are allowed to imagine the game, yes it really does sound THAT good.

Combining some of the best gameplay with some of the greatest  Sci-Fi results in what looks to be one fantastic game which will of course contain a good sprinkling of dark British humour over the top.

Maia - Don't let the aliens get you

From the limited amount I have seen and heard about the game I am already in love. Bullfrog made up my childhood and for someone to want to bring back that style and humour only in a Sci-fi setting has me brimming with joy. And I am sure I am not the only person who fell in love with with games like Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital either.

If you are interested in this project, miss the best studio of the 90s, or just love all things strategy be sure to check the Kickstarter page here and contribute if you can.

You can also follow Simon Roth on his official site here.

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