‘Operation: Eradicate’ Approved And Dated For iOS Release

Operation Eradicate
Operation Eradicate

Skejo Studios‘ turn-based, co-op strategy game, Operation: Eradicate, has just been approved by Apple so the developers have celebrated with new gameplay and announced the release date for their debut title.

While the App Store may be full of “casual” titles, which implies easy-to-grasp gameplay, Skejo are to be bringing a slightly more challenging experience in the form of a turn-based strategy title. They are quick to point out that they have a detailed tutorial which will ease any player to the game and it’s all about fighting back zombie hordes; so something just about any player can understand. Of course, the cop-op is realised through Game Center which allows friends to match up to take turns fighting back the “Infected Ones”.

Greg Holsclaw, the founder of Skejo, told us that once work was started on bringing a game of this calibre to iOS devices, the team soon realised it was a much bigger project than they originally thought. They’re now thrilled to have it completed and approved by Apple for a forthcoming release on February 26th 2012.

“We are now paving the way for our next two projects; a top scrolling story-telling platformer and a side scrolling indirect platformer,” Skejo founder Greg Holsclaw told us.

You can find out more information on Skejo and Operation: Eradicate over on the official website.

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