Place Your Bets: ‘FortressCraft’ Sells 750K, ‘Total Miner’ Surpasses 800K

Total Miner
Total Miner

Hi I’m from the press so I enjoy making up rivalries where they don’t exist! You’re welcome. This time we have two horses going at each other, biting at hooves and whipping with tails – FortressCraft and Total Miner. FortressCraft made the first move when the developer announced that the sandbox crafter reached 750,000 sales with this tweet.

Not to be outdone, the developer of Total Miner – also known as the game which recently became the top seller on XBLIG – came out with this tweet announcing that the game had hit 800,000 sales. In your face FortressCraft! Or something.

Of course, both of these games are heavily inspired by Mojang’s Minecraft and any attempt to deny that fact is futile, but they have their own unique features and are quality games – clearly, the figures show that. However, it will be interesting to see how well they can hold a community when the grand stallion of the sandbox crafter, Minecraft obviously, lands on XBLA on May 9th. Their much cheaper price points will not doubt give them a fighting chance of course and it’s not like they haven’t already sold loads already – still, will the communities switch over? We’ll see, oh, we’ll see.

So, who’s starting the bettings on who will sell a million copies first? Minecraft, FortressCraft or Total Miner? We know who our money is on.

You can find out more information about Total Miner on its official website, and about FortressCraft on its official website.

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    My bets? Total Miner.

    Much active community and lots of updates since its release, the developer is promising a new update on June with HD graphics and lots of new features, and I dont think it’ll be the last time we’ll see him updating it….

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