PlayStation Suite SDK Beta Arrives In April, Only $99

Playstation Suite
Playstation Suite

Sony have announced that an open beta for their PlayStation Suite SDK is to arrive in April with the full version coming later in the year, shockingly, it’s only going to cost $99!

Since November 2011, the PlayStation Suite SDK has been in closed beta, with testers from Japan, the US and the UK giving it a go and providing feedback. Sony has announced today that the open beta for the SDK, which incorporates all of the feedback from the testers, will be available next month. It will be a “phased rollout”, expanding to other countries besides the original three that were used during the closed beta phase.

“Through the introduction of these SDKs, SCE will offer a more streamlined content development environment for content developers — from large game development companies to small, independent shops”, it reads in the press release.

Additionally, Sony will rollout an update to the Suite for Japan, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia. This will include “improving the PlayStation Suite presence on PlayStation Store for users who want to enjoy a variety of content with ease and convenience on their PlayStation Certified devices”.

PlayStation Suite is to allow PlayStation Store products to operate on portable devices, essentially crossing the gap that previously existed. Developers will also be able to conduct performance verification of their content developed with the open beta version on the PlayStation Vita. The Suite also enables developers to have their content distributed through the PlayStation Store, essentially hitting PS3, PSP and Sony’s Xperia range too.

The best news of the lot is that the the PlayStation Suite SDK will only cost $99, whereas back in November 2011 the rumors were touting figures nearer the $1000 mark. Not too bad after all then.

You can read the full press release regarding this news over here.

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