Puzzle-Exploration Game ‘Kairo’ Release Date Announced



Developer Richard Perrin has announced that his next release, Kairo will be arriving to the PC and Mac on the 21st of October. This atmospheric puzzle game has had my eye for quite a while now.  Using minimalist architecture, the strange world of Kairo comes to live. The journey will have the player turning the machines to life and attempting to discover the true purpose and meaning of this abstract universe. Alternating between rooms with puzzles to solve and other passages designed simply to convey a mood, Kairo offers a slower paced puzzle experience.


The gameplay in Kairo revolves around traversing the environments and solving the puzzle rooms. After appearing on a throne in the middle white nothingness, your journey begins. There is no backstory, no text prompts, or explicit context as to why you are there. Everything in Kairo simply is. Without a heads up display or any “gamey” mechanics to be found, Kairo is content to humbly invite you into its vibrantly sparse landscape. Multiple hubs can be found throughout the world which contain a sort of symbol that fills in as you complete the different puzzles, eventually unlocking the path to the next area. Each puzzle is usually a combination of button pressing and object pushing, but the exploration and mood makes the reward for each puzzle solving the simple joy of finding another outlandish location to explore.

You can try the demo on the official website and help greenlight Kairo on Steam. Prepare yourselves to dive into the machine on October 21st.

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