‘Ravaged’ Gets An Extended Demo, New Gameplay Features


Former Battlefield 2, Desert Combat, and Frontlines developer, 2 Dawn Games, announced that they have extended the free demo for Ravaged and they also updated the retail versions with a number of additions.

Originally the demo only included the map Canyon, and the game mode Capture the Resources (think, capture the flag, but with fuel containers). As of today the demo also includes the map Liberty and the game mode Thrust. In Thrust, the teams must capture and control all of the bases on the map, and then eliminate the enemy team, before any of their members can re-capture a base.

The Canyon map is large and very open, a very vehicle-friendly map. Liberty is about half the size of Canyon, and is slightly less open, making it more infantry-based, although each team gets a few light vehicles to use.

2 Dawn Games implemented a number of fixes to the retail (and the demo) version of Ravaged. Now players can host their own dedicated server, and finding a server to join is now easier as there is a “Quick Match” button and the browser filters have been improved.

Spawn protection has been added allowing players 15 seconds of invulnerability once they spawn in their team’s main base. This deters other players from camping the main base, which was relatively easy to do until now.

Additional fixes include weapon balances (harpoon/crossbow have been adjusted) and vehicle tweaks, though 2 Dawn Games does not specifically go into detail as to what these tweaks change.

Ravaged is a team-based first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Ravaged features eight maps, and an arsenal of weapons and cannibalized vehicles.

I reviewed Ravaged earlier this month and gave the game an 89/100 score.

Visit Ravaged’s official website, and download the demo on Steam, today.


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