‘Sanctum 2′ Announced For 2013 Release, Mind Blowing Promised


Coffee Stain Studios have announced through the medium of Joystiq that they will be releasing a sequel to Sanctum, their tower defense come shooter, in 2013. You’ll never guess what it’s called: Sanctum 2! I know, mental isn’t it?!

Yes, more hybridity is on the way in the form of Sanctum 2 - a game which will hopefully follow up the success of its predecessor by being a dirty little half-blood. It’s the result of a first person shooter fixing its dynamic gaze onto a tower defense floozy. The star-crossed lovers ran up into the nearest vacant hotel room, aggressively stripped each other by flinging clothes in every direction and having rampant genre sex.

Coffee Stain have also made it clear that Sanctum 2 will be coming specifically to Xbox Live and PSN, as well as PC of course. The mention of any other platforms would be speculation but it could happen.

Here are some words ripped straight from the scribed-upon-trunks of Joystiq‘s very own treehouse. It’s alright, we got ourselves covered. If they bring us under question for the theft we’ll just tell them they’re barking up the wrong tree.

“Sanctum has been a huge success on Steam for Coffee Stain Studios, and bringing the next version to console players as well as the PC market is a great next step to share this unique experience,” said Ted Lange, executive producer for Reverb Publishing. “We all have logged quite a few hours with Sanctum and can definitively say that what Coffee Stain has in store for Sanctum 2 will blow the minds of Sanctum fans and new gamers alike.”

Uh oh. Someone’s had too many magic beans. Promising the blowing of minds is definitely not a good thing to do but there’s nothing like a hype-delivered drivel to set some expectations! So, if your mind isn’t “blown” by Sanctum 2, remember to send Mr. Lange a letter angrily stating so with a photo of your head still completely intact. That will show ‘em.

More information on Sanctum (not the mind blowing sequel) can be found on the developer’s official website, it is also cheap on Steam today.

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