Stats That Matter: Swing Swing Submarine Shares Sales Charts

Blocks That Matter Stats
Blocks That Matter Stats

Those wonderful fellows over at Swing Swing Submarine have shared the 2011 sales charts of their game Blocks That Matter, the results are rather interesting to say the least.

Blocks That Matter was released on to the Xbox Live Marketplace on May 5th 2011 and made its way to PC (Steam, Desura, Indievania) later in August. It also won the Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge and the game has been part of the Humble Voxatron Debut in November. It’s a puzzle game with a decent learning curve, some reflexive humor and a quirky art style. That’s the basics of the game, so let’s have a look at how it fared in the market!

You’ll see in the charts below that Blocks That Matter sold a very, very small percentage on Xbox Live, not like that’s entirely surprising – we’ve heard similar stories before.

The third chart down reveals which platforms the game sold the most on. Unsurprisingly, Steam came out on top but contrary to what many might think, Blocks That Matter sold more on Indievania than it did Desura. This is only noteworthy because Desura is more established than Indievania as it is tied to the likes of ModDB and IndieDB. Whereas Indievania has only just fully launched this week after being in beta stage prior to this date.

One more significant thing that can be said from the charts is that it seems if you supply a means for players to create their own content then many of them will take to it and put a hundreds of hours into the game. For the full breakdown, scroll down (full version here).

Blocks That Matter In Figures 2011

More information on Swing Swing Submarine and Blocks That Matter can be found on the official website.

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