Super Snazzy Platformer ‘Pid’ Releases


Today, Might and Delight released Pid,  the team’s first game.

This past July, I was able to interview Wendy Young, the managing director at Might and Delight. I asked her about the team’s direction with Pid,  “We really want to be retro charming,” Wendy explained, “and I think our work will always be rooted in that type of thoughtfulness, playfulness, integrity,  and ambition. Pid is that kind of artful experience and we hope it brings something fresh to the gaming culture.  It is like nothing you have ever seen before that’s for sure.”

Pid tells the tale of a young schoolboy who gets stranded on a foreign planet. The objective of the player is to help the boy return home. However, the native inhabitants of the planet will not make this easy, and as the game progresses, players discover there is more to the story, than they initially thought.

Might and Delight arm players with a beam-manipulator tool, which can be used to move enemies and objects, deflect bullets, help the player get around, and more.

Co-op is also included in Pid. “We stuck with a more retro “couch” co-op system,” Wendy explained. “We like the idea of two people hunkering down with the game together…it is sort of jump in and join. In co-op each player controls one beam (only two beams are in play). You can really mess around and cooperate. We love that.”

Pid is available today in the Steam Store and a deluxe version of the game is available on the official website. The deluxe version includes Pid’s full soundtrack, from Retro Family, a Windows/Mac DRM-free standalone client, access to Pid concept art and early development assets, and also a Steam code. Pid is also out for the Xbox 360 and coming soon for the PlayStation 3.

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