Take My Money, Take It All! Say Hello To ‘Salvation Prophecy’

Salvation Prophecy
Salvation Prophecy

Games are no stranger to epic space adventures but Salvation Prophecy, considering it’s the work of one man and various artists, looks absolutely stunning.

I’d happily gush a million over-excited words about Salvation Prophecy right now but I know not to. Why? Simply because the game is ludicrously ambitious. It’s the work of one man going by the name of Firedance Games, with a number of artists contributing from all over the globe. Salvation Prophecy is an epic space-based action-RPG and it reeks of ambition and quality too.

There’s four playable factions which offer different playstyles. There’s space battles aboard your very own upgradeable ships which you’ll have to navigate through wormholes and explore random galaxies. You can also land on planets and duke it out in terrestrial combat in something that resembles Battlefront-sized battles. We’re very excited about seeing this project continue and just hope that it’s as good as it looks – check out the trailer below!

More information on Salvation Prophecy can be found on the game’s official website.

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  1. Jez Lash

    Bought it on release. It is insanely ambitious and really good fun. It’s the sort of game style the consumer should support as it tries to be different and succeeds at delivering a fun action game. Whilst the action isn’t as polished as, say GoW 3, it is still frenetic and fun. It doesn’t focus too heavily onto each subsection because that’s not its Unique selling point.

    Each aspect compliments the others and really makes you feel like a soldier in a huge war. And it is MAD FUN.

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