Team Meat Introduces ‘Mew-Genics!’ Involving Cats … Kinda


Many have been wondering what the next step would be for Team Meat, the studio behind the multi-award winning Super Meat Boy. Well, as of earlier today, that question has been answered. A little.

Mew-Genics! was been officially confirmed and teased on Team Meat’s blog, and though the information is brief there’s a few things to point out. The game has been in development for a while, having started as a game jam idea just over a month ago. According to studio lead Edmund McMillen, it’s also the strangest concept he’s worked on so far, which tells you something about what to expect especially when you consider how strange Super Meat Boy was in the first place!

So far all we’re aware of the game is that it will involve randomly generated content and strange cat like creatures, but beyond that we’re in the dark. I’m happy to take a punt at what it could be, though, so let’s see. The name suggests mutation, as does the picture of the two headed kitten, so coupled with the random generation of content it may be be a spin on the Maxis designed Spore?

The graphical art looks to follow in the footsteps of SMB, certainly not a bad thing there, while the shadows in the background suggest a neighbourhood type setting, perhaps another 2D side scrolling adventure then. There’s also the fact that the ‘cat’ says hi, not exactly its native tongue is it?

It’s all speculation of course, but no doubt Mew-Genics will involve the same sense of weird humour that Team Meat are now known for, and it might launch on PC first before other platforms, though you never know. Perhaps it will be an iOS title?

As for Super Meat Boy, Edmund mentions in his blog that the next game in the series is well into development for both iOS and PC, but again no release dates have been confirmed. For now, be sure to check back in on IGM for the latest on this and Team Meat’s newest addition to its stable real soon and keep an eye on the official Mew-Genics website!

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