Teetering: ‘Edge of Space’ Launches Funding Drive

Edge of Space

The centre of the Earth? The bottom of the sea? No, it’s Edge of Space, a forthcoming multiplayer 2D sandbox game from HandyMan Studios.

The game takes place on an unexplored planet in the midst of deep space, where players are challenged to secure dominance of their surrounding area, either through brute force or the more peaceful approach of natural terra forming. En route to forge their intergalactic dynasties, players will encounter such folkloric rarities as mechs, space cats and, best of all, cybernetic rocket powered laser sharks. And that, my friends, is not something I thought I’d end up typing today.



Naturally, Edge of Space‘s status as a sandbox game makes the inclusion of resource mining more or less obligatory, although it’s suitably backed up by an intricate environmental deformation system in which the planetary landscape can be destroyed and recrafted at the player’s leisure. Players can also expect to savour such complementary morsels as large-scale boss battles, pets and full, unrestricted multiplayer support.

With the development team gearing up for an August 2012 launch via PC and Mac, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to add the finishing touches to their creative plans. They’ve set a fairly ambitious goal of $25,000, of which over $10,000 had been raised as of this writing, with a June 8th deadline set in stone. HandyMan have noted that most of this cash will go towards the production of as many free post-launch updates as possible, ensuring that the game remains as fresh and dynamically evolving as possible in the long-term.

Financial donations for Edge of Space will be gratefully received via the game’s Kickstarter page noted above, whilst additional information on the game is available on its official website.

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  1. Veavibork

    Thanks for putting this in the spotlight!  Edge of Space (or as I like to call it, Edge of SPAAAAAACE!) has everything going for it but love; the guys running it are totally responsive to feedback and are doing everything they can to engage and grow their community.  Check out the updates on the kickstarter – they’re pushing out more content even while fundraising.

  2. LordShaggy

    LordShaggy here at ArkCo HQ (EoS Dev):  Thank you so much for giving us a shout out.  We are pushing hard to keep the pace and momentum up.    Any one even slightly interested, come check us out.  We are very active in the comments. 

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