Terraria-Inspired ‘Epic Inventor’ Now Available On Desura

Epic Inventor
Epic Inventor

Pixel Prone have emerged victorious it would seem, as their free game Epic Inventor is no longer exclusive to their own website as it is now also available on Desura.

Epic Inventor is not a Terraria clone. The developers stand firm on that. It is, however, based on ideas that the developers sprouted from playing Terraria. In essence, they questioned what else they wanted Terraria to do and made a game based around those concepts.

Despite Epic Inventor having no tie to Inspector Gadget (as much as I would like it to), it does have its own unique charm. And a robot! Essentially, Epic Inventor is Terraria mixed with the always fantastic Age of Empires. The developer explains the thought process behind this rather neat idea:

“Thinking in terms of Terraria, I started asking myself questions letting my mind take me to ideas that I thought I would really enjoy seeing…

What if you could put down a placeable item, like a Chest in Terraria, but instead of a chest, it were… say… a Lumber Mill? This Lumber Mill could generate “Wood” for you at a steady (if slow) rate.

What if there were many kinds of structures – for example, defensive structures like… an auto-crossbow turret?
What if there were only a select number of structures for you to choose from… until you upgraded your level of Technology? And what if there were only certain kinds of items you could make for yourself without additional Skills?”

You should get the idea from that with any luck. Your job as inventor is to protect friendly NPC’s and yourself from enemies with your many inventions. You upgrade and expand the more you do. Hence the correct genre placement as side-scrolling RPG/RTS.

For more information and download Epic Inventor you have two options. You can either visit the game’s official website, or you can trot over to Desura. Epic Inventor is available to Windows, Mac and Linux users, and it is free, but you do have to create an account.

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