Terry Cavanagh Aims To Release ‘Nexus City’ In 2012

Nexus City
Nexus City

Terry Cavanagh has made a new year’s resolution to not work on any new projects but to focus on finishing older ones. One of those is his much teased “huge RPG” Nexus City which is he is working on with the fantastic Jonas Kyratzes.

Now that VVVVVV is seemingly finished with and it’s a new year and all, Cavanagh stated in his latest blog that he has three bigger projects that he would like to finish this year and five smaller ones. It’s a radical change to the developer’s usual working ways which will mean “no more entering Ludum Dare, no more Klik of the Months, no more throwaway jam games of any kind.”

It will be a year of tying up the loose ends for Cavanagh which means we should finally get to play his upcoming RPG Nexus City. What’s more, Cavanagh says that if everything goes according to plan there will be an introductory title to the Nexus City universe around March called Nexus City Spinoff.

“Jonas and I talked about the possibility of making this short side game, as a way to introduce both ourselves and other people to the universe of Nexus City. It’s much smaller than Nexus City itself, and very much it’s own thing. Jonas wrote an awesome script for the game, but other things came up last summer when meant putting it to one side. I’m planning to finally start work on it very soon, and I’m hoping to have it finished before March.”

No one really knows what Nexus City is about but we can be sure that with such great minds working behind it that it is something to get worked up about. It started off as a small week-long project for RPGDX’s ‘Alternate History Challenge’ but ended up evolving into something a lot more. Due to the nature of the challenge, the game is set in an alternate Arizona and features lots of talking to NPC’s and a little battling, but outside of that the pair of developers have not really said much of how the project has evolved or where it is going.

The other non Nexus City related projects are just as interesting though being as they are the creations of the elusive Cavanagh.

One of them is the mysterious ‘Four Letter Word’ game which is so called because the game’s title is a four letter word from an alien language and is as such unpronounceable. No one knows much about this one either, other than what Cavanagh shows in screenshots and occasionally says of his ideas – “the game is basically a mash up of a lot of small ideas I’ve had in the last couple of years that suddenly came together for me in a really exciting way. And it plays a bit like that too – it’s a combination of a bunch of different interconnected systems that do unexpected things, but in a logically cohesive way.”

Those are his three bigger projects, the five smaller ones are cute in their own way too, you can see them below.

Cavanagh Projects

Find out much more information on Cavanagh and his projects over on his blog.

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