‘The Binding Of Isaac’ Retail In Its Most “Unholy” Form


No doubt you are familiar with Edmund Mcmillen and Florien Himsl‘s inglorious and infamous The Binding Of Isaac, the action RPG shooter featuring heavy Rogue-like gameplay elements. With the latest update titled “The Wrath of the Lamb”, the two developers added 50% more content to the already massive package bursting at the seams with content.

After adding 100 more items, 5 more chapters, 20 new enemies, over 15 new bosses, 6 new room types, as well as new achievements, characters and challenge types, Merge Games decided to release some more physical content for you to get you hands on.


The Binding Of Isaac: The Most Unholy Edition is the newest retail version of The Binding Of Isaac including ”The Wrath of the Lamb” update as well as a new sticker, new box art, new soundtrack, new art book, and new poster.

Luke Keighran of Merge Games commented, “We had such a great response from fans all over the world when we released The Binding Of Isaac – The Unholy Edition and are delighted that we can now release a whole new even unholier, Most Unholy Edition …. We know the fans are going to go as crazy for this new retail edition as we did. ”


For those not familiar with the twisted journey of The Binding Of Isaac, the plot is quickly summarized in the opening cut scene before dropping you into the action. The protagonist, Isaac, flees to the basement after his mother is commanded by God to sacrifice her son in order to prove her faith. In the randomly generated dungeons, the player fights off hordes of disfigured brothers and sisters until he reaches his mother.

You can read our review of The Binding Of Isaac and learn more about the latest retail version of The Binding Of Isaac: The Most Unholy Edition from Merge Gamesofficial page.

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