The ‘Hooray-Adventures-Are-NOT-Dead-Sale’ Has A Point

The Book Of Unwritten Tales
The Book Of Unwritten Tales

KING Art Games have just launched a little sale of their rather stellar point and click adventure The Book Of Unwritten Tales, it seems to be making a statement and one that we can all agree with.

I am pretty sure that KING Art are trying to kill me with all of these longish titles. Don’t get me wrong, the name of their sale is very cute but from now on the Hooray-Adventures-are-NOT-dead-sale is going to be called HAANDS and their game, The Book Of Unwritten Tales, will be known as TBOUT. Comprendé? Right, less moaning and more happy faces – this is a sale, people!

Rather than the prescribed £19.99 price tag, TBOUT is adopting a much sexier £12.90, which is a 33% discount because…because adventure games are just great okay?! The sale will be ongoing until March 15th, so there’s no excuse to miss this one!

Without sounding like an automated marketing machine, TBOUT is actually a very good entry into the genre. I reviewed it elsewhere and gave it a very high score for its character, humor and incredible artwork. There were a couple of obvious issues but nothing that would cause you to not enjoy how wonderful the game is.

You don’t even have to care what I say though as there is a lengthy demo that you can download right here. If you love the game as much as you should do, then you can go straight to the Store page, fumble with your change before chucking it at KING Art…if you like.

You can find out more information about the sale and TBOUT on the official website.

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