‘The Other Brothers’ Delights With First Gameplay Footage

The Other Brothers
The Other Brothers

As part of our talks with the developers behind pixely platformer, The Other Brothers, an early alpha preview is being gifted upon you with the first bunch of gameplay for your eyes to feast upon.

If you haven’t done so already, definitely go and read our interview with the developers over on the mobile focused side of the site for some insights as to the game’s direction. A lot has been teased regarding The Other Brothers, not much revealed though. Retro graphics and some quirky animation complement the game’s obvious finger poke at Super Mario Bros, but the real question that warrants an answer is what is the gameplay like?

Well, quite simply it’s a sidescrolling platformer. Imagine if classic Mario gameplay, including jumping on the heads of enemies, was transferred into the real world (albeit a pixelated one) – that concept you’ve glued together in your mind resembles The Other Brothers. Sort of. Let words not be your only direction on this day though, for the alpha gameplay footage is here to dish the visual goods on what this game should thereabouts look like.

My, oh my! Most striking is the game’s auditory accompaniment. We’re not entirely sure how manufactured for the trailer the music is, but presuming it’s not, that’s a fine mix of electronic bloops and the human voice for added humor. Charming! Note that the gameplay is quite typical of the genre – running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock. Expect an episodic release for The Other Brothers on PC, Mac, iOS and Android and maybe more platforms this coming fall.

More information about The Other Brothers can be found over on the game’s official website.

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