Two And A Half Years In Development ‘Kairo’ Finally Releases

Kairo SS01
Kairo SS01

Kairo is an epic exploration puzzler set in a fantastically bizarre and abstract world. It is the latest creation from Richard Perrin of Locked Door Puzzle a great little indie studio. The whole idea of Kairo is to explore the world and work your way through this vast labyrinth solving ever more complex puzzles as you go.

Enter Kairo this fantastically designed rich and in depth abandoned world. Taking a lot of influences from cult classic ICO, Lock Door Puzzle try to bring back this magic long since lost in the industry at large. The whole world has been created to such epic proportions give you a true sense of grandeur in this often confusing and unique new world.

It is quite surprising that the game has been in production for so long, but this has been to allow Perrin to really get involved with the community. He has taken the preview copies around to many conventions to try and get as much feedback about the game as humanly possible.

He truly is one of the most hardworking and committed developers in the industry really trying to create this epic new game for the community at large. After all the years of observing people play it and fixing issues he finally believes Kairo is now ready to ship.

Kairo SS02

Anyone who is a fan of ICO or other puzzle exploration games for that matter will no doubt get many engaging hours out of this new title. Kairo can be purchased from the official site here for $8 Although expect to see it up on Desura and the Mac app store in the coming weeks. If you would rather try the demo that can also be found on the official site mentioned above. If you like what you see why not vote for Kairo on Steam here.

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